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It can repair ulcers, ulcers of the oral tissue wounds, rapidly promote regeneration of cells, which can effectively treat gastric ulcer, mouth ulcers and other connective tissue trauma.

Pharmacologist pointed out that Vera is synonymous with gastronomic bitter. It is because that aloe contains aloe vera extract, aloin, aloe tincture and other active ingredients that may increase appetite and colonic purgative. Taking aloe vera can enhance gastric function, improve physical fitness. Healthy people long-term use of aloe can not only prevent various diseases, but also can enhance physical fitness, improve strength. Character is too weak, chronically ill loss of appetite can also be made with aloe restore appetite and restore health to lay the foundation. Aloe's laxative function is very powerful healing properties. Aloe additives increase intestinal fluid secretion, increased lipase stimulates disorders of autonomic nervous system of the colon. Even chronic intractable constipation, after taking aloe vera in 8 hours-12 hours can also relax the intestines. For this reason, aloe is used as a remedy for constipation best agents from prehistoric times.

Aloe polysaccharides on the body is resistant germs and confers human resistance to disease, achieve the purpose of substantially improving physical fitness. Aloe tincture is a powerful antibacterial agent has a direct bactericidal effect, even better than antibiotics, does not produce drug resistance, may also effectively kill the resistant bacteria which produce the antibiotic. Aloe has an analgesic effect is rapid, accurate and free from injury characteristics. Aloe polysaccharides can calm the nerves and eliminate allergies and heat. Gastritis nervous, nervous heart disease has a good effect.

Aloe Vera can not only improve the function of digestion and gall bladder, liver and other internal organs function, but also has the effect of regulating hormone related endocrine system. Especially in the regulation of secretion of pancreatic insulin have a significant supporting role. This has obvious curative effect on diabetes and its complications. Aloe polysaccharide component solution can complement detoxify the liver function and promote blood flow to the liver, helping the regeneration of liver function, which can effectively treat hepatitis. Aloe can alleviate the side effects induced by inflammatory agents, antihistamine agents, and improve leukopenia caused by radiation. For most allergy symptoms have beneficial effects.

body fluids are alkaline healthy person, when body fluids become acidic, the immune system will fall easily cause various parts of the body infected. Aloe six carbon sugars are the main component, which has a strong alkaline can help maintain a healthy body fluids become alkaline, enhance human immunity. Aloe vera gel has the function of increasing the human collagen, rheumatoid arthritis, and collagen disease such has a significant effect.

Experts predict: Aloe will be the best of health and beauty products in the twenty-first century. However, it should be emphasized that directly coated with fresh aloe juice to the face to achieve a beautiful skin is actually happening. Since aloe juice directly related to the skin irritation will cause skin allergies and other adverse reactions. The active ingredient of aloe juice for cosmetic materials, medical products aloe vera extractBusiness management articles, they must be used in the bio-engineering methods to separate the active substance and of active substances from aloe, which may be coated on the face.