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There are many types of different Aloe Vera drinks but it is important that you have to choose one that is best for you. For example, you are better with a gel or juice? Opinions vary on this issue, as they do on the inner leaf compared with whole leaf aloe drink, so let's first consider how different Gel and Juice! I drink to only gel inside the leaves of plants and are picked by hand and the hand fillet before being stabilized through a natural process patented a unique heat-free.

Thus, its content is Aloe essentially identical to the inner leaf gel freshly picked. Oh, and Aloe (Barbadensis Miller) is grown in an environment free from herbicides and pesticides! Aloe Barbadensis Miller is, incidentally, (out of more than 200 species of Aloe) only 'true Aloe' rights known as Aloe Vera. Looking next at the whole Aloe Juice, we need to question whether it's better to use the whole leaf aloe gel instead of its inside. Often strong labeling that "whole leaf" is the best.

However, the more effective it is not necessary to consider the fact that there are four layers mainly leaves: Rind (a hard layer thickness of 15 cells) Sap (high-anthraquinone - powerful laxatives) mucus (acts as a barrier, keeping inside a sterile gel)?! Gel (where the store leaves all its nutrients 75) Therefore, if parks that's when all the pollution, or if chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.) were used in the Aloe plant for four years, they have grown up, which is part of the leaf will have reached the outer two layers, at least - and it is in the shell that the synthesis of all the nutrients of Aloe take place, while the sap is where materials move up and down leaves roots So the importance.. process can also be contaminated "whole leaf Aloe 'use all four layers, then filtered and concentrated through a thermal process is better, then, than internal use only (not diluted) Gel -. especially if the gel has been? naturally stable, heat-treated or not filtering It is useful to remember that, with at least 15 percent of content Aloe Vera, under the law of packaging manufacturers in some countries still allowed to claim Aloe Vera Juice 100 percent - after the addition of water! However, a gel must contain more than 90 percent of Aloe Vera ...

Try shaking the bottle or tub of Aloe Juice and Aloe Gel simultaneously. You will soon have a fair idea of ??their consistency and say whether Juice has been diluted. But why you would be drawn to drink Aloe Vera in the first place? a major attraction for many people drinking is Aloe is known as a natural anti-inflammatory. so, it can help conditions such as IBS seem diverse and arthritis. there is also a useful source of important vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is thought to help protect people and animals against attacks from viruses and also helps balance the immune system we.

Personally, I drink Aloe Gel daily as a general tonic for good health! the brand I use comes in four basic forms. plain, simple stabilized Aloe Gel Vera inner leaf to taste probably the most difficult but with all the components necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system and a healthy energy level. Then there Forever Freedom, with all the nutrients of Gel combined with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM - .. natural elements shown to maintain healthy joint function and flexibility is a reasonable drinks ideal for more mature people who want to maintain the mobility and Aloe Berry Nectar sports have the benefit of Gel combined with a blend of sweet apple and cranberry juice southern Vietnam -.

High antioxidant vitamins C and A and potassium plus pectin to aid in cleaning the digestive system is not just a health drink has a wonderful flavor - it can also help maintain urinary system Aloe healthy Bits n 'Peaches. Aloe Gel is nourishing plus pure Aloe Vera bathed in the flavor of sun-ripened peaches, with the added carotenoid antioxidant that is valuable and a source of vitamin A - essential for the maintenance of a system healthy immune system natural fruit drink is ideal for children.